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With more than Two decades of experience in the transcription industry, our company is actually small enough to accommodate your requirements nevertheless large enough to successfully manage huge amounts of work. AMT's transcriptionists are extremely qualified, knowledgeable and dedicated to creating high quality reporting while of course maintaining strictest discretion. We also have the capability to move our transcripts from one account to another in order to cover the majority of valleys and peaks and the majority of our transcriptionists currently have an average of more than fifteen years of experience in medical trascription.

AMT transcription service can assist your organization to make these important and beneficial changes with minimal interruption to your current day-to-day workflows.Completed reports are automatically uploaded into the client’s electronic health record. All workflows are customized to maintain physician efficiency and optimize electronic health record value by driving physician adoption.EHR systems are hyped as solutions that save healthcare organizations time and money by eliminating paper charts and reducing manpower needed at the office. With digital-based dictation and transcription, these two needs are met without changing physician work habits and reducing provider face-to-face time with patients.

Partial Dictation A large number of health care providers agree that an EHR can bring substantial functionality when generating patient records. Having said that, the same providers miss the time savings and comprehensive content that was inherent in the cabability to dictate their records.Partial dictation helps combine the benefits of the EHR with the efficiancy of dictation by allowing the providers to dictate the narrative components of the record, get it transcribed and instantly placed back into the EHR record. As you are aware point and click or using drop down menus can only go so far!

This process uses encrypted interfaces between transcriptionists and EHR providers to seamlessly include all of the dictated parts.For the provider increasing face time with the patient is very important. Partial dictation is an easy, cost effective, approach to gain provider time while saving transcription expenses and improving the overall quality of care for patients.

A provider can enter the "meat and potatoes" of a medical record quickly and easily while also infusing the report with all the specifics necessary for total patient care. Partial dictation is really the best of both worlds. A provider can dictate each of the detailed narrative content directly into the EHR, thereby freeing up the provider's time, while still helping save considerable transcription expenses.

Smart Phone SolutionsOur company's mobile solutions allow for physicians to create dictated documentation from literally anywhere by using a WiFi connection or mobile data connection. The AMT transcription mobile solution helps maximize a physician’s time by providing a dictation schedule, transcription history search, and high quality audio recording with no worries with regards to a lost or fading cell connection.Documentation generated on a mobile device may be examined and electronically signed on the same device or from literally any internet connected device. As soon as the documentation is approved, an authenticated, high quality document can then be printed out, sent through fax, or integrated straight into an EHR system.The outdated ways of being forced to use a particular device to dictate, or finding a hard wired telephone, or having records pulled for signature are over.

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